Harvest has small community groups available for all ages to make sure that you don’t have to do life alone. In Kidstown we call them "carpet groups". Once kids graduate from Kidstown they’re encouraged to join a student group. For these groups, we hand select leaders who know the Bible pretty well. Once students graduate high school, they’re encouraged to join an adult community group.  This can happen in one of three ways: 1) Join an existing group, or 2) Gather a few friends, Grab the materials provided by the church, and Grow together, or 3) Ask for help finding a group right for you by emailing groups@harvestchurch4u.org.


Harvest offers over a dozen community groups for students. Girls, guys, high school, middle school, co-ed, all ages, we've got you covered. These groups meet all over the middle Georgia area, at various times of the week.

Adult Community Groups are small gatherings where we meet in homes to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus and apply His teachings in our lives. If you'd like help finding the best group for you, email us at groups@harvestchurch4u.org