"In the Fall of 2000 the vision began with one service a month in the band room of a local high school, and then it grew. It grew into a theater, a congregation, it grew into a church. It grew into a passion for people far from Christ. Into a campus, it grew into a family, it grew into outreach, care for the poor, ministry with people of all ages, it grew into a love. Everyone who comes finds their own reason to say ‘I Love This Place.’ Harvest continues to grow and our vision is growing with us. The vision is to continue to care for those in need, to continue bible studies, to continue to grow and invite people to grow with us.  We love this place and hope that you will love it too. Let’s continue to grow together."


- Jim Cowart 



I Love This Place

These four words mean something different to everyone at Harvest. Some people love this place because they met Jesus here, some people found hope when they were on the brink of giving up, and others found a place to belong.

Whatever your story we want to hear it. We want to know why you love this place! Share your story here:

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