July 7th – August 11thHow to earn this week's BONUS POINTS for the SLIME CHALLENGE:

- Take a picture of your child/children doing an act of kindness and post in on social media with:
We are loving the #HarvestChurchSlimeChallenge because 
(Child’s name) is learning all about James 1:17 this week and wanted 
to show God’s Goodness by (fill in the blank).

- Don’t forget to include YOUR CHILD’S team hashtag! 
#KidstownTeamRed or #KindstownTeamBlue

Submissions are due by MIDNIGHT on SATURDAY, JULY 13TH!


The kiddo who comes dressed the most creatively this week will earn 2,000 points for their team! Don’t forget to nominate your child to be slimed! We will be sliming one child each service every Sunday!

Kidstown Slime Challenge (social media 1).jpg

 #KidstownTeamRed consists of our 3 Year-Olds, 1st Graders, 2nd Grade Girls, 3rd Graders, and 5th Grade Boys

 #KidstownTeamBlue consists of our 4 Year-Olds, Kindergarteners, 2nd Grade Boys, 4th Graders, and 5th Grade Girls