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Harvest Church is a place where people can meet Jesus and engage in life-giving community.
We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts, and use them for God's glory.
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SUPERNATURAL Church-Wide Study

Grab an online guide, Gather some friends, and Grow together! As a part of our G3 Studies we're doing a church-wide study we'd love to have you journey with us to explore the SUPERNATURAL!

Latest Sermon

We all experience being in Uncharted Territory at some point in our lives. However, there are some key things that God provides for us in those experiences. Whatever your uncharted territory may be... "God is already there; and He is with YOU!"

GROW Conference 2023

Our culture and world are changing rapidly. But some things have not changed...people still need Jesus and the truth found in His Word! Whether you are newly starting, or jump-starting, your church, GROW 2023 is here to help...experienced speakers, encouragement to pastors and churches, proven best practices.

Israel 2022 Trip

Harvest is going to Israel!  Come with us!  December 30, 2022 - January 8, 2023.

Bible Study Resources

A great step in a commitment to thriving in Jesus is to start/continue a "Holy Habit" of digging into God's word on a regular basis.  Join a Harvest Community Group Bible Study.  There are lots of options, including:
  • Sunday,  3:00pm & 6:00pm  -  Women 
  • Sunday,  6:00pm  - Families
  • Sunday,  6:30pm  -  20-Somethings
  • Monday,  6:30pm  -  Couples 
  • Tuesday,  10:00am  -  Senior Adults 
  • Wednesday,  9:30am  -  Men 
  • Wednesday,  Noon  -  Adults 
  • Wednesday,  6:00pm  -  Adults 
  • Wednesday,  6:30pm  -  Women (40+) 
  • Wednesday,  7:00pm  -  Adults (ONLINE) 
  • Thursday,  5:30pm  -  Men's 
  • Friday,  7:00pm  -  Adults
  • Click the link below to find additional details
Make some friends and start living out God's Word.  You'll be glad you did!