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See what God can do through you. You’ll be amazed.

Find a Team to Serve Jesus With

Harvest has serving opportunities for every personality, skill set, season, and schedule.
No matter your age or stage of life, you bring something special to our church family.
Saved people, serve people is one of the tennants of life at Harvest.

Jesus said that He didn't come to be served but to serve. So, when we step up to serve others, we are following in His footsteps.
Volunteers are the lifeblood of Harvest. We couldn't do what we do, week in and week out, without you! We're so glad that you're interetsed in serving.
Please take a look at the following categories and teams available for you to jump in. If you see something you like, select it and someone will get back with you shortly.
If you try a team and it's a good fit for you, that's great. But, if you decide that's not really where you want to serve, please let us know and we'll help you find another team.
Let's get started!

Discipleship Teams

Growing People Change! Discipleship is a most important element in our walk with Jesus. Learning and living His word is our goal. Helping each other do just that is very rewarding. Whether you want to help with babies, kids, students or adults, there is a place for you to serve at Harvest. Select your preference and we'll follow up to help you get plugged in.




Be a part of shaping the next generation by serving in Kidstown. Engage with kids from babies to 5th grade and help create a fun, Bible-focused environment through games, teaching, and small groups.
(All Kidstown opportunities have prerequisites)
Harvest Student Ministry invests in the lives of middle and high school students. Partner with these growing students and be a part of the life change that God has in store for them.
(All HSM opportunities have prerequisites)
One way for a Big Church to enjoy one of the benefits of a Small Church is through small groups.  Helping adults from 18-88 find friends they can enjoy along with good Bible study to grow in our faith is the goal of our Small Group ministry.  

Guest Services Teams

Found People, Find People! Did you know that most visitors decide if they are coming back to a church within their first 7 minutes on campus? Seriously...7 minutes!

That's before they ever hear the music or the message. We’re passionate about making sure that everyone feels at home when they’re on our campus.  Harvest Guest Services Teams are "mission critical" to making a good first impression for our visitors and regulars alike. If you would like to be an ambassador, for Jesus and Harvest, welcoming folks into our family, then select one of these teams and we'll help you get started. 

1st -Time Visit Tent 

Cafe Coffee Servers


Our 1st-time Visitors Tent (located on the plaza) helps all folks new to Harvest find where they can check in and figure things out - where to take the kiddos, where the bathrooms are, etc.

A delicious, hot cup of coffee is a great way to say "Good Morning!  We're glad you're here!"

A "Welcome to Harvest" greeting from smiling faces lets everyone know that we are delighted to have them with us... regulars and visitors alike.

Kiosk Retail Sales


Plaza Set Up or Take Down

From Bibles to t-shirts, we have items to help folks feel like they are part of the Harvest Family.

Seaters or Ushers

As attendance is steadily growing, helping families find seats together in the Worship Center is an important job.  Our seaters are great at it.  And, our ushers help collect those all-important communication cards at the end of each service.

Let’s be honest. Sitting in traffic is the worst. Our parking team masters navigating you safely on/off campus; and they are so fun and winsome people think they're greeters!

Service Hosts

To help make a big worship center as friendly as a small church, our service hosts make a point of greeting families as they get situated.  This is a great way to meet new people and to let visitors know how happy we are to have them.

Our outdoor venue is very popular.  Setting up the umbrellas, getting out the chairs and the giant TV are very important "Game Day" tasks!

Special Events

What do Radiant Women's Conference, Harvest Men's Night, the Easter Egg Factory and Night in Behtlehem all have in common?  They are all special events building bridges to our community. If you enjoy working with people and putting on fun, engaging events, we want you on this team!

Worship Arts & Production Teams

Worship is a lifestyle!  Creating a joy-filled, worshipful atmosphere that points people to Jesus is the goal of the Worship Arts & Production Teams each "Game Day (Sunday)".  Excellent quality, seamless transitions, (seemingly) effortless media technology all come together to help prepare hearts to be touched and lives to be changed in Jesus' name.  If any of these teams sound interesting, take your pick and we'll connect with you.




Got a great ear for music and like tech?  Then the Worship Arts Audio Team might be just the fit for you!

Excellent artwork and graphics are a must in today's environment.  That is so true for the church.  Put your talent to work for the Kingdom!

Great lighting can really enhance the worship environment.  We'd love to have you bring your creativity to our table.



Set Design

Music can be the heart of worship...lifting us up and preparing our hearts to hear from Jesus!  Vocalists and instrumentalists alike are welcome to audtition for our music teams.


Almost every aspect of ministry is affected by technology.  Media to IT, digital resources are key to helping people "Come and See" all that Jesus has for them.

An awesome picture really is worth a thousand words.  Are you good at capturing a story with a camera?  We love to have you help us tell the story of how much Jesus loves us all.


Not only are our video camera folks mission critical to our live, on campus worhsip services; but they also make it possible for hundreds of people to watch Harvest online (litterally from around the world).  Come be a "video missionary" with us!
Set design can be the foundation for a great worship and message presentation.  Sound like something you'd like to be a part of.  We can help with that!

Worship Prep

Making sure all that tech works seamlessly on Sunday requires a lot of preparation by our hard working volunteers during the week.  Looking for something worthwhile to do after work?  Come on down!

Service  & Admin Teams

Saved People, Serve People!  Ministry doesn't just happen on Sundays.  Many people volunteer throughout the week to help with everything from assembling programs for "Game Day (Sunday)" to preparing casseroles for Harvest family members who are ill, to maintaining (or sprucing up) our facilities and grounds.  If behind-the-scenes is more your style, then take gander at these service teams.  All of their team leaders would welcome you with open arms .


Campus Facilities

Campus Grounds

If you're a behind-the-scenes kind of person the variety of admin teams are filled with great opportunities to make a difference.  Want to know more?  We are here to help.

Harvest is blessed with beautiful facilities in a pastoral setting.  We want to be the best stewards of what Jesus has given us.  Got any maintenance/repair skills?  You'd be a great addition to one of these teams.

43 acres is a great blessing for Harvest.  Plenty of room to invite the community to come on campus and "kick our tires." Want to help us make a good first-impression?  Come on!


People Counting


Jesus told us the two most important priorities were to"love God' and "love others."  Our different Care teams are great at helping demonstrate our love for others.  If you have a heart for people, we have a place for you.

Why take the time to count all the people?  Because each number is a person that Jesus loves and that we want to love.  Paying attention to the numbers helps us prepare for growth and meeting the needs of those who become part fo the harvest Family.

Prayer is the foundation for everything at Harvest.  We pray for each service.  We prayer for people -for help, healing, restoration, reconciliation, renewal, and hope.  And, we especially pray, for those who don't yet know the love of Jesus.

W-I-T Team

Saved People, Serve People!  And our W-I-T Team is a great example of a servant's heart.  Whatever-It-Takes team members are willing (maybe to step outside of their comfort zone)  to serve wherever they are needed most.  They put aside their personal prefernces, and with teachable spirits, fill in a gap to help ensure that everyone who coems to Harvest has an unencumbered opportunity to meet Jesus.  We love these guys!

Still Not Sure?

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