We are very excited that you’re interested in serving in the Children’s Ministry here at Harvest.  We are passionate about our kids and strive to provide the safest and most engaging programs possible and this volunteer application process helps us do that.  

All applicants, including youth, are required to provide three references.  Please provide a complete address and phone number for each reference.

Anyone over 18, must complete a background check. There is one included at the end of the application. Please fill it out and return it to the church.

This application will be asking some very personal and private questions. It is our intention to find out more about the people that we are entrusting with minors. The information contained in this application will be treated with the utmost of confidentiality and respect. The questions contained herein are not designed to offend or to pass judgment, but rather create an environment where a person’s past will not hinder the ministry in carrying out their mission in a safe, fun and productive way. If you are a person who must answer affirmatively to any of the personal questions on the following pages, we may contact you for a personal interview. Please be assured that this does not necessarily preclude you from ever serving with children/youth. This application is to be completed by all applicants for any position (volunteer or compensated) involving interaction with minors. This is not an employment application.
Applicant Name *
Applicant Name
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Address *
Phone *
Birthdate *
Include dates of work, organization's name and location, and work performed.
Whether we are devoted believers or still in the process of investigation, we all have a spiritual history. Please take a few moments to describe your journey so far.
List three people that you know who meet the following criteria: OVER 18 YEARS OLD, IS NOT RELATED TO YOU, HAS KNOWN YOU FOR MORE THAN 1 YEAR, AND HAS DEFINITE KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR CHARACTER.
Reference One *
Reference One
Friend, Neighbor, Boss, etc.
Must be more than one year
Reference One's Address *
Reference One's Address
Reference One's Phone Number *
Reference One's Phone Number
Reference Two *
Reference Two
Friend, Neighbor, Boss, etc.
Must be more than one year
Reference Two's Address *
Reference Two's Address
Reference Two's Phone Number *
Reference Two's Phone Number
Reference Three *
Reference Three
Friend, Neighbor, Boss, etc.
Must be over one year
Reference Three's Address *
Reference Three's Address
Reference Three's Phone Number *
Reference Three's Phone Number
Personal Situations
Applicant's Statement
The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize any references listed in this application to give you any information (including opinions) that they may have regarding my character and fitness for children or youth work. I authorize the release of the information contained in this application, on a confidential, need to know basis, to any Ministry at Harvest Church in which I seek a position (volunteer or compensated). In consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by Harvest Church, I hereby release any individual, church, youth organization, charity, reference or any other person or organization, including record custodians, both collectively and individually, from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind or nature, which may at any time result to me, my heirs or family, on account of compliance or any attempts to comply, with this authorization. To uphold the confidentiality of the references, I waive any right that I may have to inspect any information provided about me by any person or organization, but I may contact Harvest Church to inquire about information provided about me. Should my application be accepted, I agree to refrain from unscriptural conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of the Church. Also, I hereby request and authorize the release of any information which pertains to any record of convictions contained in law enforcement files or in any criminal file maintained on me whether local, state or national. I hereby release local, state and national law enforcement agencies from any and all liability resulting from such disclosure.

NOTE: The processing of your application may take up to 3 weeks.  You will be notified via email when your Background Check is completed. If you do not receive any information on your application status within 3 weeks, please contact Children’s Ministry Administration at 478-923-8822