Week 1:  Leaving A Legacy

Discussion Guide

There’s an old saying that “God doesn’t have any grandchildren.”  In other words, each of us must make a decision for ourselves about whether we will follow God and become His adopted son or daughter.  Just because our parents, family members, or a friend is a Christian does not mean that we are.  Our relationship with God is not something we inherit from the generation before us – it’s our choice.

However, the people close to us do influence our lives and affect the way we think about our faith.  God may not have grandchildren, but He often places grandparents, parents, and mentors in our lives who help us draw closer to Him.  Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have had some of these people who modeled what it meant to know Jesus.  Or perhaps, you’re a “first-generation” Christ-follower.  Whether you come from a long line of believers or you’re the only one in your family, you belong to a spiritual family that needs your influence and example. Part of following Jesus is leaving a legacy for others.  In week 1, we’ll learn what it means to “hand down” our faith.

Let’s Get Started
  • Were you raised in a Christian home?
  • What role, if any, did faith or religion play in how you grew up?
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