Week 2: Modeling Holy Habits

Discussion Guide

Nature or Nurture? It’s an ongoing debate. Some things we are just born with – the color of our hair, the way we laugh, whether we are more outgoing or more shy. Other things are the result of what we experience and how we’re raised. A baby born in France will learn French, while a child growing up in Spain will speak Spanish. Scientists debate whether nature or nurture is most important; but almost all of them agree both are significant. You were born with unique personality traits and characteristics, and you’ve also been molded and shaped by your life and by the people in it.

This is great news when it comes to our roles as parents, friends and family members. While we can’t change another person’s basic nature, we can have a huge impact on their nurture. In fact, God’s Word tells us we’re called to do just that! From the words we say, to the things we do, our choices can model what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus. Let’s take a closer look at the huge privilege and responsibility we have to “nurture” other people through our example.

  • What is one genetic trait that was passed on to you that you like? (Eye color, curly hair, height, strength, athletic ability, etc.)?
  • What is one legacy, genetic or environmental, that you could have done without?
  • When has a bad habit gotten you into trouble?
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