Week 3:  Breaking Bad Cycles

Discussion Guide

Some of us grew up wearing a lot of hand-me-downs.  Perhaps these used clothes came from an older brother or sister who outgrew them, or maybe your mom swapped clothes with other moms who had kids your age.  One of our friends regularly received bags of clothes from another girl at church who was three years older.  She said it was like Christmas - there was always at least one great find in each bag.  On the other hand, anyone who’s received hand-me-downs knows there are also items you just don’t want:  the pants two sizes too small, the shirt with a band name on it that isn’t popular any more, the winter hat that you hated wearing.  Just because someone wanted to give you something doesn’t mean you always wanted to receive it.

The same is true with the values, attitudes and beliefs that are handed down to us.  As we’ve discussed the last two weeks, our family and friends may have gifted us with an amazing spiritual legacy.  But we’ve probably also inherited some negative patterns and destructive habits.  In this lesson, we’ll talk about how to discern what we should keep and what needs to go, as well as how we can create new patterns that honor God.

Let’s Get Started
  • Did you get many hand-me-downs as a kid?  Did you hate it our enjoy it?
  • What’s the hardest habit you’ve ever tried to break?
  • What’s a habit you wish was a part of your life?
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