Week 5:  Playing Well with Others

Discussion Guide

Have you ever known a really mean Christian?  Unfortunately, they are out there.  As we’ve talked about in this study, we are all deeply affected by the attitudes, habits, and values of others.  Sometimes they can leave lasting scars that cause a person to hurt deeply – and to hurt others.

But as Christ-followers, our behavior not only reflects on us, but it also reflects on Jesus.  Part of loving God is loving other people.  Part of becoming Like Jesus is learning to love like He did.  We’ll never get it perfect.  But the Bible is full of instructions for how we are to consistently work toward loving, serving, and honoring the people in our lives.  Sometimes this is easy…like offering a smile to a stranger.  Sometimes it is more difficult…like offering forgiveness.  But no matter what each day holds, God’s teaching is clear – we need to learn how to play well with others.  Let’s dive in and learn more about what that means.

Let’s Get Started
  • Without naming names, who's the most difficult person in your life?
  • What's your "go-to" when you're angry, stressed, or unhappy? For example, do you shut down and get quiet, do you yell, do you get sarcastic, etc.?
  • Now let's watch the video!
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