Week 6:  Doing God's Will

Discussion Guide

Have you ever wished you could just email Jesus, or text Him, and ask for the answer to a specific question?  The Bible give us many. Many insights for living meaningful and joyful lives, but it doesn’t give us personal guidance to particular questions.  “Who should I marry?”  "Should I marry at all?”  "What kind of work would use my gifts and talents?" "Where should I live?"  "Should I buy this car or that car?” “How many children should I have?”  If you ask these questions, you won’t find the answers in Scripture.  However, God does make a startling promise to us in the book of James – a promise that if we sincerely ask, He will give us His wisdom.  This isn’t as easy as getting a text form Jesus telling you what to do.  But it is a direct “hotline” to Him and a way we can make better choices and live in ways that honor Him.  This week, we’ll explore what it means to seek God’s will and how we can access the gift of His wisdom.

Let’s Get Started
  • What surprised you most about this group? Where did God meet you over the last six weeks?
  • You can have one wish-what would it be? (No wishing for more wishes!)
  • Can you think of a public figure or a celebrity who was blessed with many advantages but destroyed their life? What bad choices caused their downfall?
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